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Posted by on Jun 1, 2013 in Events and traditions, Uncategorized | 1 comment

“Let’s Blog Abruzzo” bloggers conference – Abruzzo lovers, unite!

“Let’s Blog Abruzzo” bloggers conference – Abruzzo lovers, unite!


This weekend, “Love Abruzzo” editor Serena is attending the first ever blogging conference entirely dedicated to Abruzzo food, wine and travel – appropriately named “Let’s Blog Abruzzo”. 

With 9 blogging workshops, covering all essential blogging skills led by 9 international speakers, sample style lunches from local artisan producers, wine tasting by Italy’s finest co-operative vineyard, Cantina Tollo and plenty of network time and free escorted tours as well as a wine Q&A for those arriving on Friday, it’s no wonder Let’s Blog Abruzzo has been classified as Italy’s food, wine and travel bloggers event of 2013 

(from Let’s Blog Abruzzo website)


We are halfway through it, and I am absolutely loving it. British SEO and Marketing consultant (and Abruzzo resident) Sammy Dunham, blogger at LifeinAbruzzo, with the sponsorship of Cantina Tollo (Abruzzo biggest cooperative winery) and other sponsors, has created a wonderful 3-day event packed full of informative workshops, inspiring presentations and lots of networking and socialising opportunities.

The amazing thing for me was to meet so many people, from all walks of life, so passionate about my own region. Abruzzo food and wine seem to have as many fans as Abruzzo’s rich history, artistic and cultural heritage. I am making many interesting connections, gathering ideas about future posts and topics for Love Abruzzo and – that goes without saying- eating some great typical Abruzzo food and drinking good wine.

lets blog abruzzo travel tourism

Speakers at Let’s Blog Abruzzo include renowned journalists – such as BBC Vatican and Italy correspondent David Willey, Time reporter and Italian culture expert Judith Harris; travel bloggers and writers like Marco Allegri of and ThinkingNomads; entrepreneurs like Henry Carroll of Frui Holidays who is teaching about food photography (also very useful for my London food blog ;) ; my favourite Rome guide and writer, American journalist Katie Parla; and local Abruzzese projects like the amazing Paesaggi d’Abruzzo (Abruzzo Landscapes).

The event is part of the Blogaway series and all profits are donated to two great local causes- charity Tracturo Magno, preserving the Abruzzo tradition of “transumanza”, and BusOnAir, a mobile app which helps people in the area striken by the 2009 Abruzzo earthquake to move around by bus, developed by PhD students at the University of L’Aquila.

It is great seeing how foreigners and locals alike seem to love Abruzzo and to want a better future for it, a future where our food, wine, history and landscapes are better known all over the world, and shared with lovers of all things beautiful, interesting and tasty.

Let’s Blog Abruzzo!

3 things you (maybe) didn’t know about Abruzzo – did you know that …

…Painter M.C. Escher travelled extensively through Abruzzo in the 1920′s and was inspired by Abruzzo towns for his later famous paintings?

…Abruzzo has a rich archeological heritage, including Roman ruins at Alba Fucens and even pre-Roman art like the Guerriero di Capestrano?

…that Abruzzo as a region has a lot more to offer to wine lovers than California?

Let me know in the comments what you think!




1 Comment

  1. Glad to find the blog. My father’s family is from Abruzzo originally (Montenerodomo) arriving in the US in 1910. Very interested in learning more about the region especially in re to retirement. Anyone in the local expat community living in Abruzzo– would love to hear about your experience. Interested in Chieti in particular and surrounding area.


  1. Love Abruzzo | Paesaggi d'Abruzzo - a great community of photography and Abruzzo lovers - Love Abruzzo - [...] “Let’s Blog Abruzzo” blogging workshop in Santo Stefano di Sessanio, to which I was lucky enough to take part …

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