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Our editorial policy

How do you select the products, companies and venues mentioned in “Love Abruzzo”? 

It’s simple: Serena and the rest of the L.A. team spend some of their free time visiting and trying them! We only write about venues, product and services which we like, and we feel are contributing to a positive image of Abruzzo in Italy and abroad. We try to to focus on authenticity, craftsmanship, personality and sustainability. 

I have a venue I’d like you to visit or a product I’d like you to try – do you do reviews upon request?

We are always happy to hear about venues and products, but it is up to us whether to review them, depending on the fit with the website topics and our honest opinion. Please do get in touch and let’s chat :)

Can I send you a press release?

Of course, we’d love to hear from you if your news are relevant to “Love Abruzzo”.  Do get in touch via the contact form or via email -info (at) loveabruzzo (dot) com - explaining  shortly what it is about and we’ll come back to you.

Unfortunately, we will have to block addresses repeatedly sending spam and irrelevant e-mails. The L.A. team is very busy and wants to concentrate on researching and writing!

Advertising/link exchange

Can I link to your site/ Will you link back? 
You can link to Love Abruzzo freely. We will include links to to your website when relevant to the content of a post (for example, if we review your product/venue/write about an event in which you’re involved).

Can I advertise on your site?
Love Abruzzo does accept advertising of products and services related to the topics of the site. Please drop us an email at info(at)loveabruzzo(dot)com or send a message via the contact form for a quote.


Other questions

How can I stay in touch- do you have a newsletter?

Not at the moment, we are working on it. For now, you can bookmark this site and come back whenever you want to see if there are news!

I want to write a post for Love Abruzzo

Wonderful! We are open to contributions provided that they meet our quality standards. We will always quote the author and link to his/her blog or website in return.  Get in touch through the contact form or drop us a line at info (at) loveabruzzo (dot) com

I want to share a recipe/a picture/I have a story about an Abruzzo tradition but can’t or don’t want to write it 

No problem! Drop us a line at info (at) loveabruzzo (dot) com (or via the contact form) describing briefly what it is about and leave a contact number or email. If it sounds like it may be of interest, we’ll do our best to come back to you.