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Posted by on May 6, 2013 in Live Abruzzo, Places and itineraries | 0 comments

Abruzzo from top to bottom – Promo from Abruzzo Turismo

Abruzzo from top to bottom – Promo from Abruzzo Turismo

This is the new commercial from “Abruzzoturismo” (Abruzzo Tourism), the regional tourism promotion agency.

The video shows some of the wonders you can see and experience when you travel in Abruzzo. One of the main features of our region is that it’s very varied – in Abruzzo, you have mountains, hills and beaches very close to each other. This means that when you do an Abruzzo tour, you can see many different landscapes and enjoy different activities at different altitude levels – from climbing at almost 3,000 metres high (on the Gran Sasso mountain) to swimming and sunbathing at sea level, on a golden beach.

Unfortunately, the video from Abruzzo Tourism is in Italian only – but don’t you think the images speak for themselves? ;)


What do you think? Do you recognise the places or are curious to know where they are?

Let us know in the comments


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